Here at Streets Music we understand how vital the role of a music publisher is to the development of new music and are proud to support some of the brightest emerging songwriters. It is our obligation to discover and support such talent, taking care of the development, protection and valuation of music, hence allowing artists to concentrate on their creative work.

We love working with songwriters and songs, and connecting that creativity with the widest possible audience via the numerous channels for music available in the modern world. We also recognise that every song and every client is individual, and we can provide the superb attention-to-detail and flexibility only possible from a small company.

Or perhaps you're looking to license the perfect song for your latest project? Our music specialists form strong ties with businesses, brands and clients, to ensure that we understand their requirements, and that we provide them with the songs that best match their need, deadline or budget.

Streets Music can provide expert services whatever the nature of your project, and has experience in working with Advertising Agencies, Brands, Film Companies, TV Companies and Radio Stations from all over the world.

What we can do for you:

The business of music publishing is diverse and we offer a variety of skills, including:

  • Finding new and talented songwriters and composers and encouraging and supporting them as they develop their skills, whether through helping with their living expenses, providing them with the facilities they need to produce music or offering advice and guidance in writing for particular markets
  • Securing commissions for new works and helping to coordinate work flow
  • Registering the works of songwriters and composers with all appropriate collecting societies and agencies, eg PRS for Music in the UK
  • Producing demo recordings
  • Producing and licensing the production of printed music
  • Promoting composers and songwriters and their music to performers, broadcasters, record companies and others who use music on a commercial basis, both nationally and internationally
  • Licensing the use of music, whether directly in the case of individual and special usages (eg synchronisation deals) or via the collecting society network
  • Responding to new licensing opportunities that flow from technological developments
  • Monitoring and tracking the use of the music they own and ensuring that proper payment is made for all licensed uses
  • Making royalty payments to songwriters and composers in respect of the usage of their music
  • Taking appropriate action against anyone using music without the necessary license
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