London Bars

London Bars are a songwriting trio based in London made up of Pheobe Street, Nick Fisher, and Callum Hayes. In 2018 they joined forces and began making music, collectively creating upbeat pop songs and feel-good anthems ever since!

Pheobe is a singer, songwriter and actor who has performed across the UK, as well as in London's West End and at the National Theater. As a Session vocalist she' sung on projects for the likes of Decca, RCA, Legacy, Sony, and recently Disney. 
Nick is a producer with his roots embedded in the pop and rock genres. Currently writing and working on many projects with artists from around the world. Nick has also been the principal songwriter for many rock acts in the UK.
Callum is a session bass player and guitarist and currently performing in the band River Fury signed to Painted Halo Records. Callum has vast experience of touring and studio time with a number of different artists.

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