REA (ray-ah) is a singer-songwriter originally from Birmingham, now based in London.

REA learnt to play the piano from a young age and was also classically trained on the cello and clarinet to grade 8 standard; it was this musical grounding that gained her music scholarships at school and 6th form, and a plethora of experience performing and singing in many different groups and ensembles through her academic life. Moving to Liverpool for university REA continued to sing and perform, and notably sang a solo at Gemma Merna (Hollyoaks) wedding in 2012.

 Moving away from her classical roots, REA's catchy pop tracks draw on her experience as a trained musician to giver her the distinct pop sound she has today; "I just love the versatility and anthem quality of the piano, I love playing around with melodies or chords on keys first and then bringing a song to life from there. I think the best songs are the ones that hit your emotions even, just piano or guitar and voice so I always write so I'm able to play my songs acoustically as well as the fully recorded versions. It has to start from there." REA stylistically sounds like Christina Aguilera and John Legend moulded into one; with her piano focused pop tunes and powerful and soulful vocals. Live, expect to hear some catchy piano and big vocals!

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