Distant Reckoning

Many artists struggle to establish their musical identity, laboriously trying on different musical styles like a piece of clothing, looking to find what fits. But there are others that emerge fully formed, in full command of their craft, their identity and their music. "DeeDee" from the newly formed band "Distant Reckoning", fits firmly in the latter category.

Born & raised in Southern Virginia, "DeeDee" began hermusical journey at a young age, knowing early on that it was her destiny to perform. Like many ambitious artists, she began her career doing back up vocals and writing for artists at local studios. Almost immediately, she developed her vocal and writing skills and began playing local establishments and clubs, going through what she calls, "the typical post-dream lifestyle". But it didn't take long for many in the industry to notice her. Being a prolific songwriter allowed "DeeDee" to contribute to several major projects and collaborations with many known International Artists, as well as establishing a very successful career as a Solo Artist.

Recording/Writing continuously, in 2012 "DeeDee" hooked upwith professional songwriter/lyricist Carolyn Baron, where she was introduced to the European market. That freedom allowed her to form her debut Alternative/Rock(crossover) Band "Distant Reckoning".

Together with Top Producer and Lead Guitarist EDDIE NAPOLI,DAVIDE CASTRO - Keys / MATTEO OLIVARI - Guitar / FRANCESCO SCHENONE- Drums / LUCA SCOVAZZI - Bass, and armed with their newly released single

"REWIND" and E.P "NO REGRETS", DISTANT RECKONING has acommanding and infectious sound modern in feel, while also hearkeningback to the 80's pop/rock nostalgia that is embedded in musical DNA. DeeDeesays, "It's a little grittier than I thought it was going to hits close to's just right".

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