Jackson Monsour

Family, Farming, and Music.....

Jackson Monsour is a singer/songwriter based in Bedford, PA. Having toured the east coast and performed over 5,000 times he has continued to grow as a songwriter and performer. 
His songwriting has crossover capabilities into country and adult contemporary genres that help make his songs a bit more appealing to a larger audience.
Growing up on a family farm he was taught the importance of hard work and dedication, and the importance to strive to be the best you can be, no matter what it is. 
Performing used to be the full time job, performing over 200 times a year up and down the east coast but now Jackson has returned to his hometown with his wife Christy and their two children, Johnny J and Quinn to work with his family once again on the farm and has turned his musical focus to songwriting.
Jacksons four independent solo albums have ranged in stylistic and musical genres but one thing has stayed the same with importance put on message and melody. 
"Replacin Pain" and "If I could" were songs that were recently placed on MTV, reaching millions of viewers. 
Jackson has sold over 10,000 records independently through his touring efforts and online.

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