Caroline Duke

Caroline Duke is an indie singer songwriter based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Her music is associated with several styles but can best be described as singer/songwriter/electro pop and baroque pop. With a focus on story-telling and with influences in rock, electronica and pop, Duke has taken these influences and woven them into her own music.
Her debut EP "Lovers and Madmen" was released in 2016. the songs are inspired by cinematic themes such as romance and crime and the fine line between love and madness.
Three years later in 2019 Duke released her debut album "Wild at Heart" which she describes a more of a concept album compared to "Lovers and Madmen" that is inspired by different love stories
From 2018-2019 Duke attended an electronic music production course in Stockholm which inspired her to start writing music for other artists. Since then she's attended several songwriting camps and sessions, writing J-pop, K-pop and pop music.

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